Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Day

Merry Christmas, to all my Christian friends.
And blessed Bodhi day to my Budhist buddies.
Plus campy Krampusnacht, for wherever it fits. Christianity, maybe?
And don't forget Hanukkah. The world's first Christmas lights!
Krazy Kwanzaa. Why not?
Rammadan happens sometimes in December. Yeah!
Happy Hogswatch! This one is made up. Like all the rest.
Thanksmas! My favorite. I made up this holiday to let me visit my west coast daughter when the air fares were low between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Sensational Saturnalia! The Roman Empire's Christmas.
Yule. Rhymes with cool. I love it.
Solstice day. Because it's not quite Christmas.
Boxing day! Wait. What? Why?
Newtonmas. Isaac Newton's birthday. Yes. It's really a thing.
Dongzhi. I don't know what it means, either.
New Year's Eve! Because it's a night! Before a day!
And lastly. Happy Day. Call it what you will. May it bring you joy and love.

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