Saturday, August 13, 2016

And Then There was Trump

There's a video that drifts through Facebook's Facespace once in a while about Donald Trump. it claims that everyone who sees this video votes for Trump! Sounds like a challenge to me. So I paid up my deprogramming insurance, informed the authorities where I'd be, left breadcrumbs, and double clicked.

It was what I expected. Black and white footage of American misery, domestic and abroad, accompanied by Mozart's Requiem, with Trump alternating between stating the obvious and promising the impossible.

Last month I started reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I was curious about how a nation of refined people who produced Martin Luther, Bach, and Goethe, could spit up a Hitler. I'm right where he was imprisoned after the Beerhall Putsch and is busily writing his drivel, Mein Kampf. Thankfully, we're nothing like Weimar Germany in the 20's, so a cartoon caricature like Trump hopefully won't happen. Hopefully. But it's not just Trump I'm worried about. It's the next Trump and the one after that.

Trump is our Brexit. Europeans are getting tired of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels writing their laws for them and instituting austerity programs. France, The Netherlands, and Denmark are making ??exit noises, and not just minority parties. Italy's banking system is on the brink. They're pissed and feel that their governments don't represent them. So, right or wrong, they're turning elsewhere. I can't say I blame them. I just worry about the wherelse they will be turning to.

So that means that we basically have one (legitimate) candidate and a pissed electorate. How do you drive a substantive national dialogue like that? How about, What are your opinions about Glass-Steagle? Citizens United? The drain of blue collar jobs offshore? How about the failed policy of sponsoring coups, proxy wars, and invasions over the past 15 years? Will you continue these failed and illegal policies or will you pursue diplomacy like the several times Obama did? He seemed to get very good results when using the carrot instead of the stick. Instead we get, "Vote for Clinton or you get Trump!" What, no Mozart?

This might be the most issue free election we've had.

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