Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Choice of Life

I'd rather die than dominate.

Who am I to stand in the shadows and ask for more than my due? To look at others, some of whom suffer for my benefit, and spit on their suffering? Empires live by sucking the life out of neighboring kingdoms. And kingdoms live by sucking the life out of surrounding counties. And counties live. Well. They live by draining the life from the Baronies, war lords, and starving peasants at the bottom. And the bottom dwellers? Well. They hardly live at all, now, do they? How can they? All of their life force wafts upwards, each level a model of the all. As below, so above.

Once there was a villiage. And the villiage was happy and secure and prosperous. The children played and the adults made love with the land and the elderly imparted wisdom and then died, to wence noone knew. But they were happy and sad and solumn and grateful in good measure as their gods said they should be in order to know a good life, and that's the best one can ever ask for, now, isn't it? One hand in another. All in its place. As above...

And that was it's curse. Because prosperity is the enemy of the just enough. And the just enough is the goddess of the content. And the content is the demon of the more now. And we all know where goes the more now. It's never content. It's never secure. It's never happy. It disregards prosperity. It only knows one thing: More.

And we've all felt it. Oh, come now! Don't pretend! You say you are Egalitarian or Socialist or free market Capitalist or Democrat or Bolshevik or some such refuse. Pleasant words. As below... But what do you mean? Push the words aside. Ditch the rhetoric. What are you saying? In the nine tenths of your brain that doesn't have a dictionary, what's going on? I've got mine. You justify yours! That's all!

There, dictionary boy! Make it happen! Make me feel good about whatever my apetites are craving today! I don't care how you do it! Justify it later!

As long as I'm happy. No. Not like that. Don't look at me that way! I see you! Put your ego into my skull. Really! It's pretty empty as it is. You'll have plenty of room. Read my words as I write them. Read them as if they were your own. Write with me as I write. Speak with me as I speak. Say the words as if you were saying them yourself right now. Burn into your brain what burns in mine. And disregard your internal voice. One tenth of your brain speaks. The rest feels. So. Feel.

The world is ours. We made it. Lock and tinder. Fragment and frown. The gross and the Godiva. Look upon it and dispair... Or delight... As below...

So what do we say about the horrors above? The hideous monstrousity that rules us and drains us indiscriminately? The sucking terror that is us? Shall we elect it out of office? Tear it down? Foment rebellion? Bring in the guillotines? Raise an army? Richly satisfying though that might be? And then what? Hurriedly scramble to craft the next attrocity? Birth the next abomination? As below...

The world we see outside our window is the world we made. There is no other. Walk in it. Live in it. Die in it. Hate it. Love it. Abandon it. Embrace it. And me? I am overwhelmed by it. Astounded. At a complete loss. But I see a fellow, flawed soul in need walking down the road. He seems troubled.

I'd rather live than dominate.

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