Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Red State, Blue State. False State, True State

So, it's done. Donald Trump is to be the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth. God save the republic. Looking at an electoral map of the nation you see pretty much a sea of red with some blue splashes on either coast, and a few others:  New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois. But mostly red.

Maybe we should think about a breakup. After all, if the states are so divided maybe we should be so divided. It's happened before. In 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan engineered the breakup of the Soviet Union. That was unprecedented. Empires are not known for going gently into that good night. They managed it without civil wars and barbarian invasions and cannibalism and all that stuff traditionally associated with the fall of an empire. Why not us?

So how would the breakup proceed? Well, there would be an Atlantic Republic along the east coast. A Southern Confederacy. Texas, for sure. A West Coast corridor and a Midwestern confederation. The Southwest might vote to rejoin Mexico. Canada can have pieces of Maine and Washington and, oh, why not? Alaska. Hawaii never wanted to be a part of the US anyway. You can have your kingdom back.

There! Everybody happy now? If you like your socialism you can keep your socialism.

But something doesn't quite add up. In Connecticut, a baby blue state, Trump got 41% of the vote! And in Texas, as red as the good earth, Clinton got 43%! New York voted 37% Trump. California voted 33% Trump. Alabama voted 34% Clinton. I don't know what's red or blue anymore!

The designations Red State, Blue State were invented during one of the Bush II elections. They were another way for the news madia to shirk its responsibility to report and analyze the events of the day. Gone were the nuances about demographics and economic levels. No more discussion about race or class distinctions. No more hard issues that had no easy answers. Just, boom! You're either red or blue. They didn't just paint people with broad strokes, they dispensed their paint with a fire hose.

In this entire country there are red and blue states. And in every state there are red and blue counties and red and blue cities and towns and villages. And red and blue households and red and blue people. And in every person there are red and blue opinions, ideas, and needs. And red and blue questions for which there are no black and white answers.

Let's talk about them, shall we? Or we could just tear it all apart.

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