Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump won!

How's that possible? I suspect he had a lot of close call elections. 49 to 51 or so. But it doesn't matter with our electoral college. We should have a Parliament. But we don't.

Still. This was a very strong voice for democracy. At least as we have conceived it. Our system produced Trump. Maybe we need a new system.

Trump won.

Fair and square. This is our system. There it is. Accept it. The majority of the American people have spoken. Well, the majority of the electoral college. Remember Al Gore?

But what did they say?

They are tired of being the flyover states.
They are tired of being second class citizens.
They are tired of seeing their jobs fly over seas.
They are tired of being squeezed for every dime they have.
They are tired of being lied to.
They are tired of watching their culture vanish.
They are tired of being the last sheet on the roll of toilet paper.

I know. I have all the reasons why these arguments are invalid rolled up in a wad in my tee shirt sleeve next to my Luckies.

They are all racists.
They are all sexist.
They are anti-Semitic.
Their eyes don't focus strait.
Their knees clang.
They are all-Wait.

Has anyone asked them what they want? Has anyone talked to them? These alleged knuckle draggers? Has anyone ever included them in the dialog as equal partners? Taken them seriously?


That's what they think. And maybe feel. There is Us. And there is Them. But we have always treated them as Them.

Them just spoke.


The alternative is civil war.

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