Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Chronicles of a Baby Boomer - Parenting

When I was divorced, working two jobs, and taking care of my daughter, I tried to make sure she had a normal childhood. I'd take her to girl scouts, soft ball practice, and church on Sunday. Inside, I was near panic and past exhaustion.

I remember. Coming home from work one day. Work number 1. The kitchen was covered in white powder.

OK. That's new.

Kristin appeared, sullen and apologetic. "Dad, I'm sorry! I came home from school and made some toast. The toaster oven started smoking so I got the fire extinguisher and blasted it."

I was overjoyed. I hugged her and told her everything was alright.

In the face of an emergency she did the right thing. She didn't panic. She didn't run away. She didn't shut down. I had put fire extinguishers in the house and showed her how to use them in case of an emergency. And she did. She remembered.

That's my girl!

So I continued bringing her to girl scouts, church, and baseball. Later we joined a community theatre and made wonderful friends and did wonderful things. She was always mature. Always self assured. (Sometimes too much.) Always in control.

And maybe she saved our house from burning down.

Good job, little girl!

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