Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Monkey Choir

Bashar al Assad gassed last kitten hospital in Aleppo!

By the way, thank God the United States never did anything like use jellied gasoline on civilians in some Southeast Asian country in the 60’s or attach electrodes to the private parts of anybody in oddly familiar looking prison camps in countries with strange names. But work will make them free, so they say.

And Saddam Hussein gassed his own people, the Kurds, which was used to justify the 1990 Gulf war, but that was after he had already used gas on Iranian soldiers during his war with Iran in the 80’s, but that was OK because he was gassing people we don’t like.

But wait. Didn’t Assad gas his own people in 2013? No? It turned out to be the terrorists using gas bombs that were smuggled out of US destroyed/liberated Libya, through NATO member Turkey to the terrorists, I mean, freedom loving rebels, in Syria. If only those war mongering Russians hadn’t intervened with their stealth diplomats to negotiate a legal treaty with Syria to destroy all of their chemical weapons, we could have brought our freedom loving democracy bombs to Syria outside of the meddling of the United Nations and their namby-pamby International Law like we did in Libya. What's a freedom loving country to do!

But world opinion is that we are the bad guys? Imagine that?

But that’s all hearsay. The Monkey Choir at CNN, Fox, and MSNBC will tell us which to believe. They’ll produce the truth out of their dark, trusted sources and hurl it at our faces, alright.

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And a hash-thingey for our brave journalists embedded in the seat of power. #MonkeyChoir

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