Thursday, December 22, 2016


I look at children
and say,
Play the day away.
Play and feel so certain
Of your life.
For life is wonder.
And magic.
And never ending glory.
So play the day away.

I look at young people
And say
Play your way today.
Play and be so sure
Of what you want, and are,
And surely will become.
For this is your day.
And be yourself today.

I look at less young people
And say.
Your children are your play.
And they
Some day
Will take your place in play.
So live!
In them your joy relay.

I look at older people
And see myself
At play.
Or not.
Or holding to the grey day
And gentle sway
Of noisesome fainting, under way,
My frame, to me, abject dismay,
Beneath my feet, less flesh, more clay.
And to the end there comes decay.

And once more.
From the advantage of extended day
I say.
I look at children
And say
From my perch at end of day
You've got it right! Hurrah, hurray! Kallee, kallay!
Play the day away.
Take my hand
And lead the way.

I look at children,
And say,

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