Saturday, January 7, 2017

Never Mind

Never mind that the Democratic National Committee was shown to be a corrupt organization that willfully sabotaged the campaign of Bernie Sanders in favor of their favorite, Hillary.

Never mind that the emails weren’t ‘hacked.’ They were leaked by a disgruntled DNC employee who was disgusted with how things were being run. All these CIA alleged claims are just smoke and mirrors.

Never mind that this is a crisis of confidence. Confidence in our democracy. In our party system. In our government. A vote for Trump was a vote against the Washington establishment. A vote against us. A vote thrown in our smug faces.

Never mind that Vladimir Putin asked if the US was a ‘banana republic’ that it could so easily be manipulated? Maybe he did us a favor, reporting what our media surrendered long ago.

Never mind, for that matter, that we routinely manipulate, overthrow, Color Revolt, and in any way possible, circumvent the governments of every country we can, up to and including total destruction. Never mind. It’s OK when we do it.

Russia did it. Lucifer Ras-Putin! Good. We can now never mind our own failings! What’s not your fault you need not fix.

But I have to wonder. What did we do wrong? We, the liberal elite? The coastal elite who think we know so much and have a mandate to rule? Well, the ruled ruled otherwise. And do we question ourselves? Do we ask the hard questions and practice self-examination? Do we ask what did we get wrong? How could we have addressed our opponents honestly without name calling and insults? Where do we go from here? No?

Never mind.

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