Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nothing Happened Today

The sun rose. Men and women everywhere awoke, shook up their children, and fed them breakfast. The coffee was hot, the OJ was cold, and the toast delicious.

Moms and Dads everywhere packed their children off to school with a healthy lunch, a juice, and a smooch. Moms and Dads went off to their respective works, outside or inside the home as they saw fit.

Mary Everyone arrived at work on time as usual. She had a nine O’clock with the board of directors. Something about a project in the North Valley. Water control. Irrigation. Something.

Mark Everyone works from home. Between keeping the larder stocked and the floors cleaned, he manages a graphic arts business. Once in a while he publishes a short story in the local dreadful. He has a following.

Mary and Mark are not too interested in politics. Oh, they attend the monthly town hall meetings. They keep up on the issues. What sewer projects are up for referendum? How much the school budget should be increased? Who is the new superintendent of schools? You can’t be too careful. They both were certain to attend the interviews for school super.

And when they vote for a representative for their district. Well, they want to make sure it’s for someone who will represent them. But that’s all.

Mary and Mark believe that the best government is the one that acts like them. Responsible. Thinks of the future. And just plain nice. Like Mary’s and Mark’s everywhere else on the planet. Why wouldn’t they?

Nothing happened today.

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