Friday, July 20, 2018

What do you Want?

Maybe we need to back off a bit and take a look at the slightly larger world of Deplorableville. Let me start with the following survey from Gallup done earlier this month. You can load the raw data from July 1-11 in PDF form at the bottom of the article.

The two greatest non-economic concerns Americans have are Immigration/Illegal aliens and Dissatisfaction with government/Poor Leadership, amounting to a combined total of 33%. The economy itself is 4%, surprisingly. Situation with Russia is *, meaning it is statistically Insignificant.

Statistically Insignificant.

Now, here’s the question the Liberal Left must ask ourselves. Huh? What exactly is this telling us, specifically and personally? And what do we do with this information? Well, pretty obviously America isn’t impressed by this whole knee jerk Russian Roulette parody that has recently gone into overdrive. Maybe some people remember the past hundred years of scapegoating Bolsheviks, Communists, Soviets, and Russians which accomplished nothing useful and only advanced the Military Industrial Complex to stupendous excesses. Since people don’t learn from history, I very much doubt that, but people are sick of it anyway. And as Bill Clinton reminded us that one of his advisors reminded him, “It’s the economy, Stupid.”

The Ignoratti in America have steadfastly refused to be lectured to by us All-knowing Elite. Not only that, they have the gall to want to democratically decide how the country should be run and to be taken seriously while doing it! Hmm. They are not smart enough to decide on such important issues as how to run a country, but they must have paid attention in civics class to learn enough about how it works to get by. Those clever, stupid people.

How do we respond? I can think of several ways.

1. Accept the American Right as our partners and fellow American citizens, equally. It's "Us." Not, "Us vs. Them."

2. Invite a dialog between the sides. NPR, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC could surely create a shared segment which invites speakers from both sides, independent analysts like Dr. Stephen F. Cohen, and anyone else with a shingle and a (good) reputation. If only we could get a trusted journalist like Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, or the like to mediate it and insure that both sides get an equal say. Cronkite once had a show called You Were There. It was produced during the height of the McCarthy era and was a way to speak truth to power. Each week they did a segment from history. The Trial of Socrates, Joan of Arc, and various other events where corrupt power put down a popular movement. It seems they had witch hunts back then.

3. Remember that Americans are not at war with each other, regardless of the hype. The last time that happened 600,000 of us died.

4. We must ask the Right what they want. Stop telling them how backwards they are.

5. And most importantly. Listen.

There’s an old saying, Truth is the first casualty of war. That adage works elsewhere, as well. Truth is also the first casualty of any emotionally heated exchange, domestic quarrel, etc. The reputation of our opponent is the second casually. So we can keep insulting the Right, comparing them to inbred southern stereotypes and calling them deplorable. Or we can admit that maybe we’re a little deplorable, too. Neither side is superior to the other. Neither side lays claim to any moral high ground. We’re all down in the ditch together.

Now, let’s talk.

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