Friday, May 5, 2017

Let's Make Some Reality!

Turdblossem, AKA, Karl Rove (Bush II said it, not me) famously said, "We make our own reality." This was in response to the American people so readily swallowing the lies leading up to the Iraq war. That same war where Madeline Albright said the deaths of half a million Iraqi children were 'worth it.' (Suppose Putin had said that about American children? The outrage would still be with us.) Washington got a green light to lie with impunity and not even show a pathetic, weak attempt to justify it. They don't even bother to send a Colin Powell to the UN with a fake vial of Anthrax to solicit a mandate for war crimes any more. Just do it! Bombs away!

Vigilante justice. That is what the west embraces now. Mob rule. Make your own reality then make your own response. It's the old Anglo-Saxon champion legal system where if two people had a dispute they would each proffer a champion. The two champions would fight and the winning thug would vindicate his sponser. No right or wrong, just whose got the bigger goon. That's been obsolete since the Magne Carta, yet it raises its ugly head.

A chemical attack in Syria? Assad did it! No need for an investigation. No UN OPCW called in to take samples, preserve the chain of evidence, determine what happened, and conduct a transparent, open investigation subject to international audit and then make charges in the International court. No! Just gather round the sovereign state with pitchforks and torches, cruise missiles and drones! I feel angry! America smash!

World leaders, just like normal citizens, are innocent until proven guilty. That's the foundation of western jurisprudence. And they deserve a trial before a jury of their peers. That's up to the Hague.

No. Just attack. The crime is heinous (which it is) so the judgement is just (ditto) and the perpetrator is known (which he is not!) If our response is in like or worse fashion than the original offense and if we lash out against an innocent agent, that makes us the terrorists.

That's the reality we make.

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