Friday, March 24, 2017


You know, we have all these "Wiki's" and things. I keep bumping into them. Whenever I want to look up a source for something I hear on the Internet. I get spurious links, opinions, dubious sites, and others. And occasionally, someone who maybe, kinda knows what their talking about. Sorta. Not often, though. Wikipedias... Wikiwhatnots... Wikiwhatever... WikiImSmarterThanYou... Wikiquotes... Wikiart... WikiWalMart... Wikibooks... WikiWikiTikiRoom... It all sounds like something from Star Wars. Oh, look! Here come the Wikis! We're saved! What's a lost Internet lamb to do?

It used to be so easy. We used to call "Wiki's" a Q&A. And before that an encyclopedia. Or maybe a library. And before that a catechism. Or, if you were lucky, a Universiry. And before that, Shut up and believe what you're told, dumbass. Well, I guess we're back to that, now.

Things never change. Wikiiii!!!!

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