Friday, February 17, 2017

Judge Barons

The Judge-Barons had had enough. King John of Trump had been flaunting his absolute powers for too long. First, it was by royal executive orders. Then, he so ordained that his tweets were law. No more swamp. No more Federal bureaucracy. No more 'so-called' judges letting the kingdom sink into ruin. Sad. Now he had the power to make himself great again!

From now on the law of the land is: Trump tweeted it. I believe it. That settles it. If the snowflakes don't like it, they can go back to Mordor where they came from. Look it up. It's on a map I saw in a book somewhere. What's a book?

So, tweet by tyrannical tweet, Trump the Oblivious made the land free of reason and turned back the tide of liberal, whiney poor people stealing from the honest, hardworking pockets of defense contractors and the impoverished 0.0000001%, which pretty much included only King Trump and that hot Ivanka.

But the kingdom groaned under the weight of all that bad hyperbole. One Judge-Baron dared to defy King Trump by issuing a stay of tweeting, stating that the King's tweet was against The Law of the Land. The King just tweeted back, Oh. This so-called Judge-Baron, Robot is his name? What is he, a man or a... not man? Sad. He's just in the swamp with his make believe {Please deposit 40 million dollars for an additional 140 tweet units} Rules of Claw. Whatever. When the illegal Celts invade, and you know they will. It'll be his fault!

So the Judge-Barons rolled their eyes and wondered where this idiot came from, anyway. So they held the King down and took away his Ivanka until he tweeted the Magna Tweeta, thus insuring the rights of the people to be governed by the Rule of Claws, or whatever. King Trump was getting bored, anyway.

Go Judge-Barons!

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