Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shoes and Feet

So it's time to play the Russia card again, is it? OK ignorant Americanskis. Let's do a little thought experiment. First let's step into the wayback machine and go to 1989. Let's take that pregnant moment in time and make one slight adjustment. Let's tweak a parameter. Instead of the Soviet Union, let's say that the American Empire was the one that was bankrupt.

Gorbachev and Reagan were negotiating the dismantling of America. We had been allies in WWII, then, inexplicably, enemies during the Cold War. We had negotiated numerous anti-nuclear treaties in the interim. We had kept each other somewhat in balance. Now one of us had to go.

So, the negotiations commenced. We had to withdraw from NATO. Withdraw from our military bases in Asia, and quite a few in Europe. We kept some bases, but only those that were necessary for our own domestic security. Trade agreements had to be renegotiated. Borders redrawn. Mexico reclaimed parts of California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Texas became an independent republic, as did Alaska. Maine held a referendum and decided to stay in the US, though the vote to petition Canada for membership was close. Some regions formed semi-autonomous blocks, such as New England and New York. The Midwest. The South. Still a republic in nature but with far more autonomy to the states and with far less power to the federal government in Washington. We were going to concentrate on our own concerns for once.

And in return the Soviets agreed to maintain good relations with the former USA and to not take advantage of our weakened condition. The Cold War was ended, not won by either side. It was a mutual agreement. The Warsaw Pact nations would not move one foot west. This was to be a victory for peaceful cooperation. A model for the world.

And then, the aftermath. Almost immediately, the Russian Ruble became the world's reserve currency. There was chaos in Berlin, London, and New York. The western economy crashed. The dollar, no longer supported by US hegemony, became worthless. Widespread poverty spread over the former US protectorates. Russia sent in 'Consultants' to help America recover her economy and conform to eastern standards. In reality they were just carpet baggers picking the bones of a dying empire while placing filthy rich oligarchs over the valuable bits. The suicide rate was high, poverty high, what middle class that had existed was gone. There were the few filthy rich, and the rest. Not unlike the south after the civil war. We should have known what was coming.

And then. The Warsaw Pact, which rightfully should have been disbanded, started moving west. They accepted member states from parts of Germany, France, and Scandinavia. They built, or took over, bases there. As the old United States disintegrated into violence and poverty, Russia expanded its influence. They withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty and placed nuclear capable missiles in Cuba. They engineered a coup d'etat in Alaska and placed a puppet government hostile to the US in Juneau. They built bases in Canada and Mexico along the border. And any time America objected or tried to do something about it, they cried 'American aggression!' and escalated their militarization of the western hemisphere. War games off the coast of New England and the Chesapeake Bay became common. Russian citizens were barraged with a daily warning about American interference and warmongering. 'The Americans are coming' was a war cry and tactic of fear mongering. The Russian public bought it. Lock, stock, and gun barrel.

Even something like America hosting the Winter Olympics was overshadowed by accusations of America invading Alaska. The UN, now a Russian puppet, went along with every Russian military campaign outside its borders, that's when Russia even bothered to consult the UN at all. They just invaded countries, butchered their people, and laughed about the cruel murder of their leaders. Half a million dead children in Latin America was worth it. They had the moral high ground.

But let's get back in the wayback machine and come home. Nothing remotely resembling this can happen. Not here.

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